The 7 Most Important Unveils // 2017 NAIAS #mydetroitautoshow

January 24th, 2017 by


The 7 Most Important Unveils at the 2017 North American International Auto Show


Chrysler Portal Concept
Unveiled at CES, Chrysler’s Portal Concept hints at what future autonomous vehicles can look like by using innovative tech to make the necessary safety sensors more hidden from view

Toyota Camry
America’s best selling car received a complete overhaul with more aggressive styling and entirely new powertrain.

GMC Terrain
One of GMC’s most important vehicles got a brand-new look, and significant technology upgrades, including a move to a transmission that uses buttons instead of a shifter

BMW 5 Series
BMW’s 5 series lineup received a significant refresh in styling and performance, this was a powerful injection into it’s already strong portfolio

VW I.D. Buzz
Volkwagen is still recovering publically from their diesel emissions scandal, so an all-electric fully autonomous microbus concept (with a hovering gnome on the dashboard) is a step in the right direction

GAC Unveilings
This is GAC’s first visit to the show floor, and they brought some unveils along with them. How long before we see this brand on the streets of America?

KIA Stinger
Kia is aiming directly for the German luxury and performance sedans with a gorgeously styled sedan mated to a powertrain that may put Deutschland on it’s toes.

Those were our top 7, what were yours?